Our Prayer Our Mission:
Lord, we commit our company to You. We ask that you place your hand upon Harvest Construction so that we may grow like the wheat of the field. Please help us to grow from that small seed to become a great company always striving to do the good of Your Kingdom here on earth.

God, make our stalks strong and sure so that we may withstand the winds of adversity. And, Lord please bless us with many customers like grains of wheat that will help sustain our growth and ensure our future. We ask that You align our lives with the right people, and give us the wisdom and compassion to conduct our business in a way that honors Your name.

Father, our mission is that, as we work on each of our projects we have a positive impact on every life in our path. Guide us, Lord, so that everything we do to fulfill the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and the company is pleasing to you.

With humility in our hearts we ask these things in the name of Your Son, Our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.