Harvest Construction was established in 1988 by Ken and Jan Rudisill. Ken and Jan were both born and raised here on the Monterey Peninsula, and have enjoyed watching their community grow while raising their two children. The Rudisill’s are a close knit Christian family who live their lives according to God’s word. It is also very important to them that they apply the same Christian values to their business, in this time where moral law, honesty, integrity, ethics and principals have been ruled out of many businesses, legal systems, as well as our personal lives.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
Matthew 7:12

In applying the Golden Rule to their business, Ken and Jan have made a promise to their clients, sub contractors and their employees that they will be treated with respect, listened to, loved, to have things shared with them, treated fairly as well as honestly, and to follow through on their promises.